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About the Southwest Hotlist category [Southwest Hotlist] (1)
The Dude fire. [Questions and Discussion] (2)
AZ-COF-White [Initial Attacks] (2)
NM-LNF-Crooked [Initial Attacks] (1)
NM-N2S-Cottonwood [Initial Attacks] (1)
NM-VCP-San Antonio [Initial Attacks] (2)
AZ-COF-Tank [Initial Attacks] (2)
AZ-CNF-Lightning [Initial Attacks] (1)
NM-GNF-Juniper [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (1)
AZ-A3S-Judd [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (4)
NM-MEA-Soldier Canyon [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (6)
AZ-CNF-Sunrise [Initial Attacks] (1)
AZ-NAA-Sawmill [Questions and Discussion] (1)
NM-N2S-Ute Park [Initial Attacks] (3)
AZ-TNF-Potato [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (6)
NM-N3S-San Luis [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (5)
AZ-ADC-Viewpoint [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (3)
TX-TICC-McDannald (was McDaniel) [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (7)
Tx-TICC-?? [Questions and Discussion] (2)
TX-TICC-Caldwell [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (2)
AZ-COF-000285 Tinder Fire [Continuing Fires/Incidents] (3)