2019 Move Up/Cover


ST 9262C Pre Positioned at North Ops.

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And whispers in North Ops about and Alphas getting ordered from region 6?


North ops will go to oes and then oes will decide where to pull from so as not to strip one area more then another.


Type 1’s are on the Road from San Diego area now. Which is OES Region 6.


Sorry, I meant region 6 as in Oregon. Any Alpha orders from out of state yet?


I agree with Pyrogeo. IMHO and I know in the opinion of many others all movements including strike teams in route to fires do not really belong in the primary fire thread or the fire question & discussion thread. Those threads serve all of us well in bringing out information of fire condition/behavior, what might be expected from the fire, strategies that are in use. Increasingly the general public pays attention to what is said here.
It is great that your strike team is having a chance to participate but it seems far more appropriate to list that under the topic that considers movement of forces.
With humility…Thanks folks.


Yes. Engine orders are currently being filled out of Oregon.


OES Region 6 is San Diego, Riverside, San Berdo, Inyo, and Mono Counties.


This topic is titled 2019 Move Up/Cover, and if equipment is responding to an incident, they are not on a move up and cover assignment. The fact they are responding to the incident, to me, is pertinent info to the incident. If it is so important that we don’t post equipment responding to an incident in that particular incident’s Q & D thread, then there should be an appropriately titled thread showing equipment responding to incidents separate from the Move Up/Cover thread. Just my .02 cents.


T-912 enroute to MCC from ABQ

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OES’s newest press release on cover assignments and locations:

OES Region I

Santa Barbara County (XSB) CA-OES-190094 1 Task Force (4 Type III Engines), staged in Buellton. 1 Helicopter at Santa Ynez. 1 Dispatcher.

Ventura County (XVE) CA-OES-190095 1 Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines), staged in Camarillo. 1 Type I Crew, stage in Oxnard. 1 Dispatcher.

Orange County (XOR) CA-OES-190096 5 LG Engines, 1 Dozer, Staged in Buena Park 1 Type I Crew Staged in Irvine. 1 Dispatcher.

Los Angeles (XLC) CA-OES-190097 1 LG Type III Engine, Staged in Glendale. 1 Water Tender staged in Pasadena. 1 Dispatcher.

Los Angles (XLB) CA-OES-190092 10 Engines, 2 Dispatchers Staged in Santa Clarita

OES Region II

Sonoma County (XSN) CA-OES-190099 1 Watertender, 2 Dispatchers

Lake County (XLK) CA-OES-190100 1 Dispatcher

Marin County (XMR) CA-OES-190101 5 Type-3 Engines, 1 Type-2 Watertender

Contra Costa County (XCC) CA-OES-190102 9 Engines 1 Watertenders 2 Dozers 1 Dispatcher

Santa Cruz County (XCZ) CA-OES-190103 5 Engines 1 Watertender

Solano County (XSO) CA-OES-190104 5 Engines

OES Region III

Colusa County (XCO) CA-OES-190084 1 Task Force (4 Type III Engines, 1 Water Tender). Staged at Williams Fire Station.

Sierra County (XSI) CA-OES-190089 1 Task Force (4 Type III Engines). Start time 10/23/19 1000. Staged at Downieville Fire Dept.

OES Region IV

Calaveras County (XCA) CA-OES-190083 1 Task Force (4 Type III Engines, 1 Water Tender). Staged in San Andreas. 1 Dispatcher.

OES Region VI

San Diego County (XSD) CA-OES-190087 1 OES Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines), 1 LG Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines) Staged in Northern and Southern San Diego County. 1 Helicopter, 1 Incident Management.

San Bernardino County (XBO) CA-OES-190088 1 OES Type I Strike Team (5 Type I Engines), 1 OES Type III Strike Team (5 Type III Engines), 2 Dozers, 1 Type 2IA Crew. Staged at BDC Camp 6 Glen Helen. 1 Dispatcher.

Riverside County (XRI) CA-OES-190093 2 Type III Strike Teams (5 Type III Engines per ST), staged at Ben Clark Trng. Center

Santa Bernardino (XBO) CA-OES-190098 10 OES Engines

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Out of state of resources inbound to Ventura to prepo

1 task force from Idaho and 4 from Montana

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Also out of state resources covering in fku, I saw a unit from buckskin fire department while auberry, I think they worked a structure fire that happened the night before above there.


The forests (SNF and SQF) have some out of state resources covering various areas. No out of state resources on the CAL FIRE side in FKU


9242C covering FKU


ST9340C & ST9342G forming up to cover TUU


Pre po for this weekends weather?


Behind a VMP with bonus acres…


Damn them bonus acres…lol

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They had about 30 acres bonus on the mankins vmp and may be doing more burning today or tonight.

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