Bishop NV-ELD Mid-air Collision


Bad news today. There was a mid-air involving 2 SEAT’s around 1230 on the Bishop fire. 2 fatalities. A T-2 team is being mobilized:


RIP, very sad news indeed. :cry:

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7/31: evening update is 10.4K acres, 20%. 5% humidity and record breaking temps. All line constructed yesterday on east was lost overnight. Type 2 team inbriefed and will be taking over fire 8/1 at 0600 (Team 7 - Knudsen)

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Team 7? No Team 7 in Region 5, must be a Great Basin Team?


yes, GB team (pretty sure ownership is BLM on this fire, not FS)


My bad, I was thinking Bishop, CA. and didn’t look at the NV-ELD header

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