CA conflagrations cause and prevention?? (off topic taken out of BTU-Camp)


An important factor only lightly touched upon is the “economics” surrounding the losses.
Currently, and continuing to weigh in are the insurance companies. Underwriters and their cost analysts are feeling the corporate pain. As we’ve seen, some companies are simply “leaving the market” refusing to risk more losses in fire prone regions. As a result, lenders are taking an ever-harder look at financing homes whose asset value may be here today and, “poof”, gone tomorrow.
These two mega-players will, no doubt, have something to say in the look of the WUI landscape of tomorrow. In addition, city/county planners had better “step up their game” to remain relevant.


This is something that i haven’t heard mentioned but how much did the fall foliage on the ground contribute to the spread of fire. We all know how far a leaf can on a breezy fall day. The chimney tops 2 fire came to my mind because this was a major contributor to the spotting during that wind event.


Everything said here is right and has or will come to pass. Last years fire showed this and again this year. I fought fire in Malibu since 1992 through 2007 and the rest of my time here in the NorCal, so a lot of that ground had burned at least three times in my career. There is no one answer but ways to prep for the future, fuel reduction, prescribed fire and defensible space with Home ignition Zone HIZ. After all like mentioned before in a 60 mile wind how far do embers travel. Over and over again once one structure starts the next goes because the fuel that defensible space was suppose to reduce the high temperature, is now next to you. There is no one answer we need money, rain, experience, and education.