Strike Team XAL 2002C enroute


IC is requesting 1 VLAT, 2 LATs and 3 additional S-2s (for a total of 4).


Anyone have a comm plan to post, Cmd-1 ? And what tacs?


ROSS is showing the following fq assigned to the fire…but I’m sure this will change

CMD LNU East, tone 1
Tac VFIRE 22


T911 is enroute to the fire


Significant fire moving downhill into the Wolf Creek Rd area w/ structure threat ongoing, fire is also making runs east towards the reservoir. Hydroelectric facilities at the dam will be threatened, looking to put retardant in there. Fire is very active and spotting. IC also advised that the Fire may hit Spring Valley hard and the Tankers may paint the structures and Crews to slow it down.


I’m hearing Paynee traffic on CDF CMD1, getting up here in Red Bluff so probably Walker Ridge repeater. Also Air Attack up on 166.6125.


Structures being impacted in the area of Quail Trail. No divert placed on 4 air tankers due to imminent life threat to civilians & firefighters. The imminent life threat is in the Spring Valley area. 5 additional dozer strike teams requested to New Long Valley Rd & Hwy 20.


Live feed


Maintaining the No Divert on the tankers, multiple spots in the Spring Valley, life threat.


5 any type strike teams of engines to New Long Valley Rd. Immediate need!

From LAC: LACoFD sending 4 Camp Crews (11-1, 11-2, 19-2, 19-5) + 1 Battalion Chief (BC46) to assist @CAL_FIRE with the PawneeFire in Lake County.


Multiple spot across new long valley


Radio tacs vfire 24, cdf tac 26 & 27.


1/4 acre spot fire has jumped Cache Creek & is spreading, copters working it. Fire is threatening to make a big run in this area.

Edit: AA reporting fire has now spotted across the east side of Indian Valley Reservoir. Copter directed to check out the spot.


The spot fire across the reservoir is 5 acres & is likely to run all the way to the Bear Valley Rd area, numerous structures in that area.


Anyone have the latest evacuations


From lake county sheriff at 3:59

The mandatory evacuation notice for Spring Valley is being expanded to include all areas north of Highway 20 and east of Old Long Valley Rd to Round Ball Rd, including Mule Skinner, Long Branch, Watertrough Rd, Flintlock, Muzzleloader, No Guns, Antelope, Cougar, Marianne, Ramrod, and Moccasin. When evacuating remember pets, personal computers, prescriptions, photos, paperwork and phones (mobile). If time allows, be sure to close all doors and windows. A shelter has been established at Lower Lake High School, 9430 Lake Street. This is a MANDATORY EVACUATION notice form the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.


CalFire officially calling it 3,000 acres


I am not sure what specific area, but I heard this request: 40 structures immediate threat, requesting 15 additional type 3 engines.

Edit: I guess this is Bear Valley Road. Stated " send me anything you can".


Maintaining the no divert on air tankers