IC ordering Tankers back for a spot fire across the Canyon. Unknown size or ROC. Smoke showing on the Cam again.

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Now upping the Tanker order to 4. The fire is making a good push up Canyon.


IC reports spot fire is 15-20 acres & has retardant around it but still high potential for growth, aircraft will be finishing for the day soon. AA, 2 tankers & 4 copters ordered for tomorrow morning.

Edit at 1900; IC also reporting that the spot fire is inaccessible w/ retardant the only thing holding it, line won’t be cut out tonight thus will still have open flanks in the morning.


The i.c. wanted dozers to access 4s11(?) Via carstens road but carstens is blocked by logs.


IC has asked for AA-51 for mapping and to help keep eyes on rollout and snags.


The spot is now about 40 acres and well established. The fire is still making runs and IC is adding Branches and Divisions tonight in preparation for tomorrow.


Watching the 1 hour loop on the Bullion cam… Runs are visible…but diurnals appear to be taking the spread,or at least the column laterally…validating the pre planning by the IC.( What did we do before these cameras and night capable aircraft!?) (( Rhetorical statement))


I missed the entire order for tomorrow, but IC ordered Strike Teams and Crews for the anticipated growth overnight. The spot which is now bigger than the original fire is still unstaffed and only has retardant around it.

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AA51 enroute.


It’s showing well from the Owens mountain camera just northeast of me.


in ROSS for the AM - 2 S/T type 3s, 4 S/T dozers, 6 S/T of crews, various water tenders, overhead, etc. I’m sure that list will grow…

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Dry air mass is coming


So this is an SRA Fire?

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Based on visual observation
( armchair quarterback)… The main fire laid down…aka parked… The “spot” is off on walk-about…that began around 2042 hrs.

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Yes, state DPA


Sierra has been contacted about possibly going unified command tomorrow if they don’t catch it.

Areas most recent fire history.


Plenty of dozer line’s they can open back up if necessary.


Per AA51 134 acres.


AA51 released as of 2315L. Requested back on station at 0430L.


SLU is sending ST 9347L