CAL FIRE Forestry Technician? Fuels Crew?


Nothing yet!

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Currently PIA has only delivered the “Work” pant and the first of those have been delivered to the Units and Regions with the exception of LNU and CNR Redding. Expecting the first shipment of “Tactical” pants shortly.


Does anybody know if they are still in the process of calling applicants for the August/September fuels crew opening ?


Did you get an LT or Perm job offer?

I got a Perm offer in SLO - Paso Robles. I did not get an official start date. I was told the supervisor would contact me.

I was contacted by someone from the CSR regarding my pants size for the new single layer pants.

Where you give a tentative start date? Any info?


Seems as though were in the same boat, very little info. provided with a tentative start date that begins in 3 weeks from now. Perm also.


Right on, congratulations!


Well thats a relief that i’m not the only one who was starting to get concerned. Any info on uniform for you beside the single layer? Congrats also!


Typically you’ll be lucky to get 2 weeks notice before your start date. I got an LT offer in Jan 2017, submitted all my required documents and then heard nothing. Called repeatedly 3 weeks later and was told my start date would be between March & May. Got a call about 2 weeks before my start date. Then in 2018 when I got my perm offer in Jan(after being laid off in Dec 2017) same thing. Got a call 9 days before my start date. Oh yeah, I was going to work in the same unit. If you got a perm job AND have submitted 100% of required documents, you are good to go. Keep in mind, your not PERM till you pass the FFA. Next 2 FFA’s start Jan 20, 2020. Good luck


Thank you!! Should I start purchasing uniform online somewhere?


That is a very difficult question to answer with the upcoming change to single layer. Getting T-Shirts, a short & long sleeve uniform shirt would be a good idea. As for the single layer, I’d wait till you get the call for a start date. If they start you before Jan, you’ll need a pair of Workrite. If they start you after January you’ll get single layer PIA issued to you, both Admin & TACTICAL


Ok so im already signed up for a calfire basic academy in January that ends febuary 2020 and i havent heard anything at all from the forestry technician and my orientation starts in a week should i just go to the academy or is being in the forestry tech better cause im trying to fight fire


Calfire Basic is the minimum requirement to work for Calfire in the entry level position of FF1(Seasonal). Over time it has changed from 40hr to 67hr to 179hr to 220hr of training. Rumor is that it has/will become 280hr of training. Going to “The Academy”(FFA) refers to either Ione or Ben Clark for 7weeks of “Structural” type training. ALL PERMANENT employees are not considered Perm until they complete FFA. If you have orientation in a week, IMHO I would go. It is better to attend something you applied for/signed up for than not.

I personally know people that have applied/tested/agreed to take a job anywhere in the state, only to back out at the last minute and cause all kinds of problems.

California is a LARGE state. Past practice use to be you had to rank where you would accept work 1-21. If you got called from your 5th location it was a take it or leave it job offer. Today, you only rank WHERE you will accept work. If you’ve ranked something 5th then back out, it doesn’t look good. I live in So Calif, when I was filling out work locations, I made a personal decision to not accept anything beyond on 5th choice.

Good luck


Anyone have tips on what questions to be prepared for when it comes to the forestry technician interview specifically?

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Has anyone received a letter saying what ranking they are for this last round of applications? If so do you know when they will be hiring off the list?

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Just got a letter today in the mail with my rank. But yeah I was wondering the same thing.


Also by chance does know how to get in contact with the crews? I have been looking everywhere for there contact information. I want to be able to do station/camp visits if possible.


First off I want to give a congrats to everyone getting started on your career. Solid agency. Work hard and good things will happen.

Secondly, I really hope federal leadership is reading this thread. To those GS13, 14, 15 and above who report to your high paying positions daily with your head in the sand, only caring about your next paycheck and not out in front and fighting on behalf of your federal wildland firefighters, you should know that you’re not part of the problem, you’re the problem.

Why pay and benefits is not on your daily agenda at this point is disgusting. You’re hiding your embarrassing numbers from the public. Lack of quality applicants. Many engines and crews with several vacant holes to fill even after a hiring round. Engines backed into garages, still unable to staff.

Get your act together feds, stand up and fight for pay and benefits for your Wildland firefighters or go away and let someone else lead.

Apologies for this interruption and again congratulations to all those getting started with your firefighting career.

Wildland Firefighter Entry Level Pay

How does the rank system work with the crew compared to the FF2 ?


Hi All,
Just an FYI, Yuba College in Nor. Cal is hosting a Basic Wildland Firefighter class meeting seasonal FF requirements for CalFire. Same class that the forestry tech needs to go fulltime with CalFire. Starting April 10. Fri. Nights, Sat/Sun all day. 12 weeks. Go to Yuba College website then Public Safety to Fire Tech.


Has anyone heard of a possible timeline on when they will be conducting interviews?