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Looks to be the potential for a moderate to high end wind event middle of next week through the weekend. Once the trough leaves offshore gradients look to increase and move to eventually a NE event. Some tight gradients appear over the NW portion of the state and then transition to the Sierra’s.
The pattern looks to slacken by next Sunday and possibly re-load for another blow once a shortwave passes through.
For what it is worth- the GFS wants to bring a wetting rain to all of North Ops by October 1st…

Would be interested to see what any of the weather folks think about this set up as compared to last October…

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I’m hoping for the wetting rain event!! :thinking:

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The GFS loves to conjure up fantasies of moisture 10 days out


Fire Weather Watch for North and East Bay Hills tomorrow evening through Thursday.

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Red flag:

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OES region 4 pre-positioning type 3 s/t from XSA to XYO at 0800

Humm, is PG and E going to control power in some parts of the Red Flag areas? Thus reducing ignition potential and limit it’s liability? It is very hard to measure prevention measures to see if there is a cost saving benifit. Is the lost revinue worth the savings? If so why not just get out of electric delivery business? Just and old retired fire fighter wondering.

None of the winds are predicted to be at or above their wind speed threshold.

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I guess we shall see. I also wonder about the lack of power affecting water supply and automatic fire systems. I know around here the water district has a few trailer generators but a lot of pump stations with no generators. That just by way of example. I am sure there could be other issues we have not even though about.

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Fire weather watch for north bay hills and valley today thru Tuesday

Just changed into a Red Flag Warning

Now includes South Bay and east bay hills

RAWS map

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RHs in the low teens around the Sac Valley Foothills at 11pm. Dang.

Dewpoints in the teens in the western Sierras this morning.

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Just about all of the DP in the HNX WFO mountain areas are below 32.

Everything’s going to change in about a week when TD20 blows in from Baja. If the usual 4 Corners High gets set up. we could see some critical Santa Ana conditions, then it might be flash flood time when it moves onshore, and/or dry lightning to the north of it, depending on how much energy and instability there is. It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

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