FF2 offers/calls

I think majority of us are. I’m getting my physical done Friday. Sounds like people are saying march

Haven’t gotten a call yet for my physical

Did they say you needed one

I’m still waiting , I was told not everyone is going to need a physical . They will decide if it’s needed after reviewing your emq and was also told they are thinking early March will be start time . Atleast that’s what I was told for riverside . My buddy got MMU and they wanted him to start this Monday . But both of our offers were LT

Who did you get that info from?

The lady thy called me to offer me the job

I don’t have to get a physical, got a start date that was tentative for March 13th in Butte.

Hell ya! I get my physical today so hopefully I’ll hear something soon

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I got my start date for RRU. Feb 24th FF2 LT academy with FFA to be determined at a later date

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Picked up as a straight 2 or Medic 2? And rank?

That’s awesome!!! You’ll have a blast I use to work there as a volunteer

Straight 2 perm offer but start as LT until I get sent to FFA. Was in rank 2.

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Thats awesome! Think your going to start before most of us. I stil haven’t gotten a start date

Congratulations to everyone who got an offer .

Anybody got any news yet?

No new news , they didn’t call me to go back as a 1 and they called my buds to go back on the 9th of March . Wish I would have been able to start as a 1 again this year so I get that 5% pay bump but looks like I’ll start my 2 career with the same pay I had as a 1 . No complaints though still stoked

No news, it will be a hurry up last minute call.

Most likely they will call on a Friday and say you start Monday haha. At least that’s what happened when I was a seasonal

Anybody else get start dates yet?

Me and another Ff2 started today. I know other promoted Ff2’s will be going to the academy this Monday the 9th.

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