Initial Site Feedback


I am seeing your test here in the thread. I also just posted a small fire in Q and D. CA_MCP-Jacques??


hmm, with the changes i tried, it appears they stack them as new replies but with the arrow and username in the corner


I do see that, I wonder if it post here but also goes directly to Stringtown. I am not sure what the arrow represents?


if you click on it, it shows what message you are replying too. I don’t like it as much as the subcomment format. will continue to investigate


Copy, Thanks.


Yeah…still a little confusing but at least it shows what comment you are specifically replying to. Hopefully we can get the sub-comment thing going though.

I also got an email notification of fire_geographer’s reply to my comment.



I just signed up and things are working well.
One suggestion that I have so far is to add the Tapatalk app to the system so that the folks that use that app can easily view the site on their phones. The notification feature is great when you are on the move.


Hey Blackhorse78. There is a compatible app (free) called Discourse. I have it but am not yet super familiar. The source code is open source so we could compile it especially for this forum.
We are working on a map integration now and the app is on our to do list


7hills thanks for app info . I did check it out on the play store. The reviews were not very good. They called the app a chrome browser with less features.
I’ll give a try and see how it goes.


Can we add another line in the IA, that is automatically in the IA forums? It needs a “report on conditions” line.


How similar is this to the Weather attribute? What kind of things should go in the ‘report on conditions’ line?


There isn’t a spot right now for general information, such as the report on conditions from the IC, ie. The fire is making a push up the hill, AA doubled tanker order based on first units report, second alarm started, IC thinks this will be extended etc etc, all things you hear at the same time you are posting the ia


Yeah…need a ROC line. Weather is the forecast, ROC is what the fire is doing


I’ll add it now, thanks for the info!


I am working to improve our google search results for terms like “” and “hotlist”. “Hotlist” gets the most Google searches so I am thinking of adding it to the Category titles and descriptions. It’s a minor change but I want to know if there any objections to adding the word “Hotlist” and see what happens?

Google search volume:
wildland fire hotlist 101-200
wildfire hotlist 11-50
wildland fire hotlist ca 0-10
wildlandfire hotlist 0-10
what happened to wildland fire hotlist 0-10
hotlist wildland fire 0-10
wildland fire hotlist down


I think it sounds good. If it will increase Folks finding and using this site.


Nope…no objections here. I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’m sure people are looking for it. A lot of folks never logged on on the winter time at all but would return every May-June, so I’m sure there’s a lot of people who have no idea the website was gone and are now wondering what happened.


Did the thread about log in issues get taken down?..I am still unable to log in on a computer. I can only do it on my phone.


Let me know if I can help by testing your app?