PG&E Hiring Firefighters?


PG&E Picking up Firefighter starting fire brigade.


Well played pg&e. I do believe that’s $13 more an hour, than Cal fire captains hourly wages. …

I believe I heard 25 type 6 engines.


Apparently a assembly bill exists that says it’s illegal for a company to contract out fire safety. I haven’t found anything about it but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll stay with the state. Thanks anyway PG&E.


I know guys that got their foot in the door (experience) with engine crews in SoCal AND made $bank$. Granted on a Type 6, but having something is better than nothing. State stretched thin enough as well as local gov, I don’t see how else but to contract out.


I’m curious as to what the pay is like. Good pay for a new kid looking to get experience? Good pay for a retired FF?? I’m wondering if they’ll be around during campaign fires (prompting the argument of private apparatus liability issues, again). Sounds like safety/project work during the day.

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I bet we will be loosing some fed firefighters to them.

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Not sure one would want to make a career decision with a company entering into bankruptcy. Maybe retired or new to the biz but a Fed, State or Local you’re gambling. The job might not even exist in a year.


A judge has to approve hiring. These jobs are not going anywhere any time soon. They’re priority. Along with the drone program. Perfect for those who can retire around 47-53 and have years left until the ss penalty kicks in at 57.

Fed pay is so far out of wack at most levels, from entry level to Captain + and now in a growing number of states. Wake up Vallejo.