Resetting first category on login

Since the server problems of a couple weeks ago I get northwest instead of California upon login. Is there a way to reset it ?


Me too can they be reset


I thought it was something i did. California first would be better.


Just reset my password and same thing happened…

Everyone…We understand your frustration with the current format when logging back in. We are going to be working on a solution, however, please recognize that most of the Staff personnel are currently deployed and may be for extended time frame.

Please be patient with the existing format for now and know that we will be discussing and working on a fix for shortly.


If you want california first and don’t need to post, just don’t log in.

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I appreciate knowing it wasn’t something that I needed to reset. As a CWN this is a very valuable resource for arriving at an incident with some clue as to what’s happening. I will wait patiently.

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When will the login issue be fixed?

Just checking to see if anyone has had a chance to look at resetting California to the top on login ?

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Hey JLW,

I’d give the boys till January sometime with the current fires and holidays occurring. But yes, we’re all still opening up to the North. Hope all is well and have a nice set of Holidays!


Thank you and hope they all get a well deserved break

Hope all have had a well deserved break from the 2020 marathon.

Just checking to see if anyone has had a chance to look at how one can reset California to the top at login.

Any feedback appreciated

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