1988 49er Fire Pictures


Do you recognize anybody in these pictures from so long ago?

The rigs I see, 2380, 2386, 2374, were these the same that were in use into the 2000s at Higgins, Smartsville and Foresthill respectively?


I was a young fireman at Donner Summit Fire Dept that day and remember seeing the header from the Summit and listening to GV dispatch and the chaos that ensued during the course of the day…ironically we were only 40 mins away, but we never went. “They” did not want to commit any resources from the basin area because it was a tender box and one fire would have destroyed it…

I knew a quite of few guys who were there, but I do not seem them in any of the pics…great pics by the way


I hate to date myself but I was on one of the IA engines on the 49er fire as a young FF. Yes 2380 was out of Higgins, 2374 from Forest Hill and 2386 from Smartsville. Although that is not the 2386 from 1988. I am pretty positive that is a later model 9.


More pictures, some of the same ones, some additional


One more group of photos