1992 Fountain Fire (Shasta County) reports/images?

Hi - I’m writing the Wikipedia article for the August 1992 Fountain Fire that burned up the Highway 299 corridor east of Redding (I like to do this for under-covered North State and other fires).

I know there were a couple different reports in the aftermath of the fire (one by the California Legislature Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Wildlife, one by Cal Fire, one by the Rural Fire Protection in America Steering Committee). Does anyone have copies of those reports or know where they can be found?

Additionally, if you know any public domain or Creative Commons images - anything from an archived Cal Fire shot to old satellite imagery, would love it if you pointed me the right direction.

Plus if anyone just has good stories from back then.



There is a pretty big group of retiree’s on Facebook. The group name CDF/Calfire History, Memorabilia and Pictures. You will probably get some of the old retirees to answer your questions on that Group.


Thank you, that’s a great idea.

The reports would likely be fairly easy to get through Public Records Act requests… You’ve just got to be very specific with what you want (names/dates of reports, pictures you want to see) and when in doubt be overly specific since the people processing PRA requests may be completely unfamiliar with acronyms/lingo/jargon/even the agency itself.

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It’s a smart thought - I’ve requested the 1993 Cal Fire internal report through their Public Records Center already, but I’m under no illusion that it’s anywhere near the top of their priority list. Thought I’d see if some intrepid soul here already had them saved in the back corner of some hard drive while I wait for the agencies to chew through the inquiries.

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I’ve got some good satellite imagery of the aftermath. Send a DM and i can email them. Also, we discussed the forestry activities in the area pre and post burn in an interview I did this spring with Jim Klump. About 5 minutes in, with maps and aerial images… https://youtu.be/EfhFCHl0RIY


Thank you!

Believe it or not that interview was actually what touched this all off. I hadn’t heard of the Fountain before it, except maybe once on one of your streams. A great interview & Jim is a stand-up guy. The Lookout is definitely informing people…


The Google Earth Engine website is really great for historical satellite imagery going back to 1984. https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse#v=40.80644,-121.8447,9.993,latLng&t=0.86&ps=25&bt=19840101&et=20201231&startDwell=0&endDwell=0

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Hey Zeke, that visit with Klump is a gem.
Thank you for all that you do.

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