2019 Fire Season


Has anyone heard when seasonal rehires will be for Northern California?


Nothing yet in the usual email trails.

Lots of changes/new things in the State arena;
Fuel Crews &
National guard fuels crews coming to a theater near you!!


After the ski resorts close. Ha!
Dunno about the North, but S Ops has authorized hiring starting 4/15. What with the new directive, fuels crews/nat. guard projects, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be on an engine. Will see.


Take the time to download and read the 2019 Strategic plan released on March 7th. All the info you need is included.
Increased staffing
Fuels crews
CNG Crews
Don’t be suprised when you’re on a Charlie S/T for a 1 week assignment for VMP Project’s


Where is the strategic plan you are talking about, do you have a link?


Top item on the Calfire Home page