2020 Move up/Cover

I looked back through this year and didn’t see this thread started yet so I decided to get it going.

ST9330C just dispatched to BDU for “June Cover” per MVU ECC. B3 is STL


With NOPS not being a peak staffing there are a bunch of units that are only 3/4 staffed. Lots of engines with no FF’s


You’re right. Thanks for starting the thread.

9330C= B3, E3351, E3357, E3363, E3364, E3385

Wonder where the Berdoo guys are headed…

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Probably extra staffing due to the red flag warnings for the East side of California. It is a long haul to get resources up the back side of the Sierras in the event you do have an incident.

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BDU 9350C is covering MMU


9350C left for MMU at 0200.
9351C was enroute to TUU then got canceled.
My bet is 9330C got canceled as well

9310C from RRU was supposed to be covering FKU, per the morning report.

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BEU had a good one this afternoon so probably several orders for coverage

Yes, 9330c was canceled

9330C covering RRU.

9351C enroute to cover MVU

FKU sending ST 9430C to cover RRU

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9270C covering FKU


9160C covering TUU

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9460 C to MVU


9160C to FKU

16XX units arrived in the unit around 18:00 from the south.

9331C enroute to BEU from FKU.

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9310C returned to RRU last night and looks like they reformed this morning and are heading up to TUU, unsure if they are going to cover or going to the Grade incident. Looks like 9311C is already assigned to the Grade.

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BTU 921X Charlie Covering LMU as well as 2 Golf’s out of SHU, 1 Golf out of TGU, 1 Dozer out of SHU, and 1 Dozer out of TGU.

Guessing the unit the is expecting some holdover fires.

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