9/11-17 years later


The wife and I had just landed in Jamaica the day before. Our only concern at the moment we’re the three hurricanes brewing. Only one tv in the whole resort was in the bar. She had just gotten back from the front desk and told me there had been a plane crash in New York but had no other info other than that. Not knowing our world had forever changed we went to enjoy our honeymoon on the beach. It wasn’t until a local was advertising 2 for 1 lobster dinner and cnn coverage of the attack on America did we get suspicious. Lunch found us walking into the bar to see what all the talk was about. As we stepped up to the bar to order drinks the towers collapsed and the banner on the bottom played out the death toll of firemen. My heart skipped a beat, my stomach dropped and tears fell down my cheek. I was in total denial. The realization finally hit me like a ton of bricks that we were stuck in a place we couldn’t get home from til things got sorted out and planes started to fly again. Fast forward to today, I will never forget. Stay safe brothers and sisters. RFB 343.