A message from Big Ernie!



Big Ernie thinks things are slow, too.


Retired Fire Chief #Alan Brunacini used to say, “The farther you are away from your last major incident, the closer you are to your next.” So, Southern California firefighters, LEO’s & emergency management personnel, we must be ready.


Is that a Photoshop or did that naturally occur. I’m leaning hard towards Photoshop. Usually clouds all look like chickens.

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You are correct. The vertical feather is photoshopped. You erase that, and it’s clearly a hen pecking off to the right. You have an eye for detail!

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Same image was going around about a decade ago in Central Oregon with the caption ‘Big Ernie Salutes Deschutes’.

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You nailed it. Story of the picture from the old site.
“Big Ernie Salutes Deschutes: We were on the highway between Sisters and Crooked River Ranch on Thursday Sept 4, 2003 when I caught this once in a lifetime photo. I was watching the B & B Complex column when this appeared. I grabbed my camera and snapped this shot, then in a few seconds it was gone. Photo compliments of BLM Tom.”