AA battery review

Thought this might be useful


Read it, kind of. Been a long season. Can you offer up a summary outline of the top 3?

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“Energizer Ultimate Lithium” overall best for running a cooling fan. They are expensive overall but a good value because they last longer and you save time not having to change them out. A King Radio may last for days.

Radio Shack is best for their test of a wireless microphone in an AV setup.


Pretty much has been said. Another takeaway was the procell was the most commonly purchased battery for commercial use and was not that hot.

I’m going to try amazon basics. Cheap, and easy to get. I have also herd lots of stories about Duracell leaking.

If you can, shop around. Balance price with utility.

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I have been getting AC Delco from Walmart in great big packs because the price was quite a bit better than anything else. This experiment seems to indicate that they come out pretty well.