Accidentally Flagging Posts.

I am concerned I accidentally flagged a couple posts in one of the Caldor threads, scrolling one handed on a smart phone. I’m not sure how to check ir remove stuff like that. I’ve accidentally liked stuff that way also, but am lass concerned about those.

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Once a post is flagged, it is elevated for review to the Mods for approval or rejection. It becomes our responsibility to either accept the flag or if it is not warranted, reject it. If you believe you inadvertently flagged a post in error, it would really help to send a PM to us to let us know that you did so in error.

Here is a solid way to reach one of the Mods if you don’t PM one of us directly: @moderators

Personally, I appreciate your question.



So this is on the CA-ENF-Caldor Q&D thread. I am now seeing a small flag to the left of the title CA-ENF-Caldor. I did not intend to flag any posts in that thread. I wrote that original message on my phone also, as is evidenced by the typos. With my laptop at least it is easier to Poofweed my posts.


The moderator removed one of my posts that was flagged. I think the post was, “Thank you.”

Jimbabwe, please understand that the guidlelines request that you do not post a “thank you.” That is what the “heart” button is for. I may have been one that flagged that. It may seem harsh, but there are thousands of posts and anything that isn’t intel related takes up time. I am not a moderator but just a regular. There are a couple of folks I know (including myself) that try to PM new folks and let them know they should read the guidelines after they do something they are asked not to in the guidelines, like posting a “thank you.” With the explosion of new folks everyone is having a hard time staying up. Too many new folks think this is some type of Facebook style page. Many non moderators try and help. We aren’t trying to be mean, just guarding one of the few great sites left.


I read the guidelines and didn’t see anything prohibiting the posting of “Thank you.”

I understand the reasoning and was hesitant to post “Thank you” but thought it might be rude to not thank the poster for his post.

Can you show me where in the guidelines “Thank you” is prohibited?

Prohibited is a strong term, they are requests. It is not worded very distinctly but it is under
"Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.
I don’t think anyone that posts a lot will think you are being rude. If you start to look for them, after a while you realize that there virtually no thank you’s even though there are so many great posts. I completely understand that you are being sincere and nice, I just wanted to explain why thank you’s get flagged. We could double the number of posts if people did that as often as they are appreciative of a post.

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I saw that “Agreed” sentence.

I will use the Like button.


It would be nice if the Guidelines were more specific. And since many guys feel weird about the heart button maybe they should relabel it to the “Like/Thank you” button. I am an old school guy and pressing the heart button in response to another guys post can still feel weird. I am over it now, but…