Advice needed

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but a good friend recommended I ask here. I am planning on and have been working on going into the reserves then going on into wildland firefighting in the civilian side and some things happened recently that will push my meps process further off that being said multiple agencies have extended or opened job applications if I wait and wait go to bootcamp as soon as I can I will get it out of the way but make less money and miss most of fire season with the way its looking, or I could put bootcamp off and apply for this upcoming season and make some and save some
Money and maybe get in better shape before bootcamp but I also know veterans get hiring preferences and all that so I was just wondering if any veterans on here or people who have faced similar situations have any advice on what they would do, again apologies if this isn’t the right place for it I am just a young adult trying to figure things out lol if it isn’t the right place I can delete post tia.


I recommend going directly into the military to gain life experience, specific skills, & education funds for your future. Once finished, I’d HIGHLY endorse, at a minimum, getting your AA/AS degree, but I’d say get your BS/BA if the military will pay for it. Same with achieving your EMT or Paramedic (especially if you want to work for a municipal agency).

Wildland fires will continue to burn each summer; you won’t miss a thing. Once finished with your service time & education, the Fire Service will be here to accept you in with open arms. Good luck!!


If you pursue a degree, consider something that has applicability outside of public safety — there are many reasons why public safety can be more of a season of life than a career, and a degree in something outside of public safety can open many more doors for you down the road.

I think you’ll find that a veteran with a degree and public safety experience will have a significant leg up in any job market, and I wish you success and fulfillment on whatever path you choose!

Work hard, work smart, take care of your mind and body, and get after it!


I highly. Echo the advice above. I started my career @ 35 and am now retired and doing fine. Follow the above advice by as there will always be fires and time with all the experience you will gain before hand.


Im not so much as upset about missing a season its just I will be a lot tighter on money is my main concern I guess is what I am trying to say

Thank you for your input I appreciate it :slight_smile:


Thank you for your opinion:)


If I could have, I would have joined the navy at 18, got a g.i. bill and a mechanical engineering degree then a fed job or manage to pull a full navy career and retire 45 yrs old. However, as it is, the fed fire world is starving for applicants