Air attack 15

I noticed that N700PQ is now flying out of Grass Valley as AA17. It was based at Fresno for years as AA15. Sierra still shows n700pq as 15 but AA52 has been flying out of Fresno. Anyone know if this is permanent or temporary?

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This came up the other day in a thread, someone was saying that they air attack 11 was at Fresno now but I remember it being 15 way back when I was there many moons ago. I’ll keep looking around to see if I can find where they were talking about it


Scratch that is was something different. I did see that N71AA was at grass valley last year at some point though. Not sure if it was AA17 or not


Saw that N840KB was shown as AA15 on flight radar coming back into Fresno a week or so ago.

Old AA15 was just about the best voice you could ever here leading you in to an unscouted piece of ground!


He’s still in AA15 out on lightning recon now.

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Heading to dinkey creek area on recon… Hopefully no lightning… I don’t wanna loose my huntin spot :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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