Aircraft reg #’s


Morning all, anybody have a list of rotor and fixed wing aircraft reg numbers ??

Thx, Erik


You are going to need to be more specific than that??
What are you needing them for?
Are you wanting them for specific geographical areas?
I assume you are talking only fire related aircraft?


Sorry. Yes S2’s, Lats, Vlats ,west coast Rotors

Say Ca and Oregon


You realize that could be in the hundreds if you include all the CWN’s… Almost impossible to collate, try the Dept. of Interior—all their contracts are public.

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OK Fine tuning. CalFire aircraft and the main lats and Vlats used in region 5 :blush:


You can call the CALFIRE PIO in Sacramento and they might be able to give to tail numbers. But for federal air tankers, they belong to NIFC@ Boise, ID and they decide who gets their air tankers every day. There a no assigned bases for federal air tankers. They disburse air tankers to bases based on needs of the geographical area coordination centers (GACC) and hope they get it right. There are times NIFC will call GACC’s and ask them to take 1 or 2 aircraft if they are currently in a area that is not experiencing any fire activity and the move them to new air tanker bases. It’s basically a crap shoot on where to RON’s federal air tankers at the end of the day. Only Lead Planes, Air Attacks, helicopters, and helitankers are permanently based.

Hope that helps you somewhat.

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This may help a bit.

#8 Here is the latest federal air tanker list. Somebody will help you with the CF list i’m sure. Remember the Admin base is only a federal AB to manage the contract and submit the required paper work. They have no say in where they go.


This link is a huge start for what you are probably looking for. I keep similar info on a notepage. For the Type 1/2/3 fed copters it’ll need updated each season since contracts can change or vendors will send a different bird to the contract that particular year etc.

Calfire rotor
481DF - Copter 104 Boggs
483DF - Copter 903 S70
488DF - Copter 305 Prado
489DF - Copter 901
490DF - Copter 205 Vina
491DF - Copter 301 Hemet Ryan
493DF - Copter 102 Kneeland
494DF - Copter 404 Columbia
495DF - Copter 106 Alma
496DF - Copter 902
497DF - Copter 202 Bieber
498DF - Copter 406 Bear Valley
499DF - Copter 101 Howard Forest
8043V - Copter 205 Vina S70

Some of the 2019 fed ships for norcal
502HQ -C502 KNF Scott Valley
402PJ - C503 KNF Happy Valley
205BT - C506 SHF Trinity Base
212BT - C510 LNF Chester
20PF - C512 PNF Quincy
212HP - C514 TNF White Cloud
44HX - C553 BLM Ravendale


Columbia AAB

AA440 N401DF
T82 N422DF
T83 N424DF
C404 N494DF


Slight correction:
C404 N494DF
C101 is N499DF

And all of these tail numbers will change as the FireHawks come on line

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Huge thanks to all, much appreciated :+1::+1:

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2019 CalFire line up

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