Alert Wildfire Cams


Does anyone know if there is a way to download the Alert Wildfire camera videos? Some of them would make good training videos!


The only replay that I know of is on YouTube. The YouTube icon at the top will take you to those available replays. The only other option is to reach out to one of the contacts they have listed in the About section and inquire if they would grant you access to the archives for training purposes.


I’ve used free apps like Cam Studio to record my screen before. I wonder if that’d work with the Alert site?

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I usually use the Nimbus Screenshot and Video extension to copy video on Chrome, however Alert does not display the cam views in that browser for me. So I have to use Firefox to view the cams. Sadly the Nimbus extension for Firefox does not offer video capture for Firefox. If you have an Nvidia
graphics card the Geforce Experience app can capture fullscreen images or video. Or as pyrogeography suggest, there are other video capture
options out there.