Can we get alerts via email or text? If not is that something that can be set up?

This site is great thank you for getting it figured out. WLF was a huge loss. This is actually a better set up and more user friendly.


we have a thread already going about this called notifications. yeah it sucks not getting push notifications. I believe used twitter to push it. was very nice.


Push notifications are back up and running for the site if you are using the iOS mobile app.


To get push notifications and “IA alerts” similar to what we had on the old forum:

You have five options with each Hotlist: they are ‘watching’, ‘tracking’, ‘watching first post’, ‘normal’, and ‘muted’

The notifications go to your phone, email, and even iPhone watch if you want!

**Pending the Android notification issues getting resolved, this probably won’t work for the non iphone users.

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