American firefighters in Australia


Is there any more information about the American firefighters in Australia? Found this news article


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Just got an email today asking for availability. Sounds like they are sending another load of folks out soon.

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Several Type 1 Teams requested according to NIFC


Don’t know if thiis has been asked already, I haven’t seen to many aircraft on these fires? Are we providing any VLATS?


Yep, coulson has aircraft down there and ten tanker air carrier has two vlats down there also.


Just heard this morning that Australian authorities are requesting an other 140 US firefighters.


I have only seen tanker 911 (calling it bmbr911) do you know what other 10 tanker is there? also 2 RJ85 from conair tankers 165 and 391


NSW Rural Fire Service has a couple of Coulson’s C-130’s. I think 134 and 131, but not sure on numbers. Flightradar24 shows N/A on reg numbers and generic C130 picture, but that is what I saw when T-134 was on Ca. Fires…


VLAT 910 is down there also


Thanks for all those who mobilized over the holidays and to those who left in round 2 and round 3 mobilizations.


Extremely tragic news from Australia. One of the Coulson C-130’s crashed in the Snowy Mountains in NSW. All 3 crew members were killed. No word on which aircraft it was although the reports suggest the tail section was intact.

My deepest sympathies to the families, Coulson Aviation and any members here who knew these fine individuals.

EDIT: From the Coulson Facebook, it was T134, N134CG that went down

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Thank you for the update Dozer. This is absolutely horrible news. May they rest in peace and hope for a quick return back home. My Condolences to their families and the Aviation brotherhood. RIP gents and thank you for your service.


Thoughts and prayers to those fine men who gave their life protecting the people of Australia. Rest in peace crew of tanker 134


History of T-134

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All 60+ fires in New South Wales are expected to be contained in the next 48 hours. They have received more rain since last Wednesday than they received all of last year. One area got over 27 inches, 20 inches fell Saturday and Sunday.

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