App still being supported?


Hi there. I have the app and I downloaded it when it first became available. I tried sharing it recently with a friend and it says unable to share. Furthermore, I can not locate the app on the Apple App Store. Can anyone provide some assistance on how to locate the app? Thanks


Are you trying to access Wildfire Intel on your phone? If so, use a browser to go to and then send it to your home page.

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Thanks for the reply…I’m aware if that option. Does your reply mean that the app is no longer available?


You are right that the app is not available in the store. I believe it expired and we need to renew it. That’s on me.


Ok. Thanks for the clarification. I hope you guys are able to renew it soon. Thanks again!


the wheels are in motion!


I never was able to get it in the Apple store…I just saved the page in Safari and put a link on my homepage…works fine


I checked too. It’s available in the store now. Happy Friday!