Apprenticeship Conversion

I am getting ready to convert and I am unclear on my options. Am I just allowed to convert to a module on my district? Or can it extend anywhere that wants to take me?

This varies forest to forest. Some forests/districts/units are very supportive of these alternative conversion requests, some not so much. I’ve see conversions occur from 20 miles away to a neighboring station and 1,000 miles away. Read your agreement and dive into some of the program charters, SOPs. What’s important is to find someone at the location you wish to convert at support your conversion to that unit. Remember that even after conversion anyone can submit a same pay grade transfer request. Again, finding an official on the receiving end of the transfer/conversion request is key.

Howdy Lucas. Im fully versed in apprenticeship conversions i can help. I have question(s) though. And to be up front with you - it is concerning that you are needing to come here for answers to such an important goal/milestone. We can set that aside for now. What agency and forest/resource area did you enter into the apprenticeship agreement with & are you comfortable letting me know if you are in good com’s with your 1st line supervisor and/or chain of command? Let’s anchor in with these questions first and go from here…

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Thank you!

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