Type one team on order. 600 acres last report burning 1 mile north of Flagstaff, AZ. 10 hot shot crews ordered/assigned, 1 VLAT, 4 LAT, 4 seats, 3 T1 helo, 1 T3 helo assigned as well as numerous local resources.

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AZ-COF-Museum fire

Museum Fire cause evacuations of local residents north of Flagstaff.



Updated map of the 415-acre #MuseumFire on the north side of Flagstaff, Arizona.



State ID: Arizona
3 letter designator: AZ-COF
Fire name: Museum Fire
Location: 2 Miles North of Flagstaff
Reported acres: 500+
Rate of spread:
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat: Yes, Evacuation warnings in place
Resources: Multiple Air and Ground resources. Type 1 IMT has been ordered (Team 2 Nieto) to inbrief in the morning
Weather: 82 degrees, 13 %, SW @ 4 G to 13
Radio channels:
Scanner link: Flagstaff Fire lots of static
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Updated map of the 415-acre #MuseumFire on the north side of Flagstaff, Arizona.

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Tanker 911 and tanker 164 are on scene.

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The GIS Lead for AZDEMA is sharing a really clear and easy to understand map for the museum fire. You can type in an address and find out if you are in / out of an evacuation zone. It also has the latest perimeter, road closures, and open shelters. Bookmark this link:


Where they load out of if you know ?


T-911 probably loading @ Phoenix Gateway and T-164 maybe Winslow?

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I’m not sure what T164 is, last I heard seats from Winslow, heavies from Prescott. The DC10 gateway. Prescott can’t support it.

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164 is a bae146 4 engine jet.