PHD - New Fire #CloudFire south of Wickenburg near Vulture Mine Road and Whispering Ranch Road. Estimated at 300 acres. BLM, Wickenburg, and @azstateforestry units responding. #AZFire

Location per wildcad
33.824383, 112.800850
AA-1GB, T-910, 2107 - BLM, WT-2200, 2104 - BLM, Escobedo, E-2601 PHD, Bravo 47, T-16, T-164

#AZForestry taking command. Two LATs & VLAT ordered, Air Attack launched. Add’l resources including engines & hand crews ordered. #AZFire

Looks like T910 out of ABQ & T16 put of PRC. T16 over head T910 about 5 out

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#CloudFire Update: est. 700-800 acres & activity decreasing. Aircraft helped slow fire & aided hand crews as they work to get line around it. Firing ops around one property for protection. No immediate threat to other structures. Fire loc. south of Wickenburg #AZForestry #AZFire

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FPS overnight.
mapped at 871 acres
25% contained

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