Any information on this fire, it seem to have blown up today.
Also a new fire some distance West of Prescott but quite visible header.

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Don’t know where that fire is or which way the smoke is blowing but we are in Laughlin for the week and there is a ton of smoke coming up from the south!


The smoke in Laughlin is probably from a different fire on highway 93 between Wickenburg and Kingman.
Both fires blew up yesterday with the increase in temps.


Unless that smoke blew way south and then west I doubt it. Kingman is ENE if Laughlin and this was way south down river but a long ways off. Entire southern sky was dark brown!


The cellar fire is 7000 acres. Multiple aircraft working it. It pulled a tanker from out of CA this morning.


Per Inciweb page, a Type 1 Team has been ordered for this fire.


A VLAT, 3 type 1 tankers and multiple SEATs working the fire.


Here is some video of the fire this morning shot by FOX 10