AZ-Sheridan ?


Very large column NW of Prescott, AZ. Heard radio traffic reference helo taking folks up for recon. Fire has been burning for several days and today has blown up big time. Any one have any specific information on this incident ?


Looks to be the Sheridan Fire on the Prescott National Forrest. A tweet a few hours ago showed a large column. Inciweb has it at only 700 acres with 9 personnel on it and says it was lightning caused and is being used to reduce fuels and improve resource conditions in the area.


Apparently there is also a Pembrook fire in the general area also.


There is. But I looked at the IR of the area and the Sheridan is all red right now. The Pembrook not nearly as hot

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Column North of Prescott capped out earlier today. One other fairly large South West of Flagstaff. Several smaller ones each direction from Flagstaff.

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The fire WNW of Prescott ic AZ-PNF-Sheridan, 2,700 acres as of yesterday and growing. The fire burning South of Williams, AZ is AZ-CNF-Pemberton another lighting strike that has been burning for a while.

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I have been observing both columns for a while. Couple of days ago driving 40 EB through Williams and could see the Pemberton due South of Williams. Couple of days before drove out to Williamson Valley Road and the fire was a ways East of there.
The fire South of Williams is the Saber Fire. The Pemberton Fire is between the Sheridan Fire and Chino Valley,AZ. Pemberton has been on the move today getting onto flat ground and either burning toward the Pauldin area or just North of Chino Valley and toward the hills behind Gunsite. Smoke is hampering visability quite a bit on the ground. Ash has been falling in Paulden and ChinoValley all day and last night.

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