State ID:AZ
3 letter designator:TNF
Fire name:Potatoe
Location: Off highway 87, 10 miles south of Highway 188.
Reported acres: 25
Rate of spread: UNK
Structure threat: UNK
Resources: Air Attack, 1 lead plane, 1 tanker, 1 heavy helicopter
From the TNF
BC 12-31,12-61
Crew 3, 4
ENG 12-37,12-38, 12-65,12-66,12-67
PT 12-32
With additional resources on order
Report on Conditions:
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Make that 2 tankers, 1 from Prescott after reload from the earlier Pan Fire, and 1 from Southern AZ



Potato (AZ-PHC-TNF), est. 25 acres, 21 miles S of Payson, AZ, (33.9214, -111.4555), T-1 Hel, Lead, 2 LATs, 3 IHC Crews assigned


Per AA fire behavior has slowed down significantly, Tanker 161 to Gateway on a hold, things are starting to look good.


AA released Helicopter 7CH back to base, both tankers are on a hold, T-161 at Gateway, and T-03 at Prescott. Keeping the lead in orbit, till things are buttoned up some more.