North of Cave Creek AZ - Hwy 17 closed both directions. 450 acres - some structure loss - may have been structure into brush.

I post mainly as this is insanely late to have a fire this size this far north in AZ…sheesh.

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2000 acres for this fire now - minor correction. I 17 was closed due to a separate fire (Creosote incident -less than 100 acres) and is back open now.

Confirming this is not the fire in Rimrock?

No - I believe that is the Creosote fire - don’t have any updates on that except that Hwy 17 is reopened.

This incident is further south.

Not updated but:

Copy, wife just called and said tankers were dropping on a fire with structures lost in Rimrock, north of Camp Verde. Most of the Verde Valley have crews out in Cali on assignment. Definitely a local drawdown that dosen’t happen often.

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Yeah - really late in the season for these fires up in that area.

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Still no name for the fire in Rimrock, but per YCSO, evacs have been lifted.

This was a non-soon for us, so in reality, its been fire season since mid April here in Northern AZ.


Pretty sure they went with Cresote for the RimRock fire - at least all the local media was using it.

You are right. I missed the page out. Thanks

Since this one got started - Twitter people are quoting 3K acres now - but I havent seen anything official with that.

This photo taken about 8 30 PM from cave creek/desert ridge - so the southern edge is definitely hitting the UI

Sears Fire latest map:

Inciweb Info


Been a couple of days - but this one is still growing - 12,500 acres today.