AZ- TNF - Woodbury


State ID: AZ
3 letter designator: TNF
Fire name: Woodbury
Location: Superstition Wilderness… US 60 West of Globe AZ
Reported acres: 5000+
Rate of spread: Moderate
Report on Conditions:
Structure threat: Structures and Arch sites in Fire Area
Resources: TNF resources, Shot Crews, SW Team 2 Type 1 IMT
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


Was in East Mesa yesterday and appeared weather had moderated fire activity. Fire didn’t start heating up until around 230pm.

IWA had a 10 tanker, T101, and another LAT available… plus assorted AA, ASM, and lead planes.


Anybody following this thing? 13000 acres last I heard… Need updated Intel please? And ty!



This is from

Incident Information

Basic Information

Current as of 6/14/2019, 10:39:46 AM
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Human Caused
Date of Origin Saturday June 08th, 2019 approx. 01:30 PM
Location 5 miles NW of Superior, AZ
Incident Commander Rich Nieto - Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team 2
Incident Description Wildfire
Coordinates 33.409 latitude, -111.199 longitude

Current Situation

Total Personnel 603
Size 12,965 Acres
Estimated Containment Date Monday July 01st, 2019 approx. 12:00 AM
Fuels Involved Primary carriers include invasive and native grasses at all elevations, with increased presence on lower slopes in Sonoran Desert ecosystem. Pockets of brush occur primarily along N and E facing lower elevation slopes and dense stands of brush, gambel oak and pinyon-juniper exist at higher elevation.
Significant Events Fire spread remained active late in the evening last night. Poor overnight relative humidity recovery, extreme temperatures and increased heat sources contributed to active fire spread earlier than previous shifts. With increasing winds with todays shift, additional growth towards the W and NW continued, and is predicted to once again remain late in to the night as higher SE winds and slope reversal contributed to an active burn period.


Planned Actions Continue working to increase containment using natural features and area trail systems
Projected Incident Activity 12 hours: Fire progression up to 1 1/2 mile are expected NW within the Wilderness. Progression to the S and W will continue and NE spread is expected to be minimal until brush fuel types begin to actively spread without the support of grass. Banking and flanking will continue with short uphill runs with topography.

24 hours: Heat sources along the perimeter and unburned islands will contribute to consistent fire spread through grass within increased spread rates where brush and topography align. Spread distance of 1/2 miles will continue on active flanks. Areas aligned for upslope movement with consistent fuels will have increased progression.

48 hours: Consistent weather patterns, combined with an increasing fire perimeter, will continue spread rates up to 1/2 mile per shift, primarily to the W and NW. Drainage alignment to the NE of the fire area may alter spread rates and fire intensities. To the N, NE, and SW increased fire activity due to complex topography will be more prevalent.

72 hours: Consistent S/SW winds will support an overall flanking fire perimeter as fire moves deeper in to the wilderness with complex topography. To the NW, a change to more consistent brush fuel types creates the potential for higher flame lengths and spread rates if brush fuels become available.

Anticipated 72 hours: With continued triple digit temperatures and single digit relative humidity, brush and higher elevation fuel types will continually increase flammability, contributing towards higher flame lengths and spread rates, especially within the wilderness boundary.|
|Remarks|Acreage submitted at 0600 Thursday, June 13|


Ty! I know about this… Was just looking for current conditions which I found. Have a friend in the area and it’s pushing hard right now "Ok… From a friend in the area

The North West side is pushing hard, very gusty winds out of the west south west"

Woodbury Fire burning east of Phoenix, AZ. GOES-17 4-panel observing the fire location, intensity and smoke: Fire Temp RGB (top-left), Day Land Cloud Fire RGB (top-right), Visible (bottom-left), and 3.9um (bottom-right). Fire approaching 13,000 acres. @NWSPhoenix #GOES17 #azwx


They just closed some lakes and additional highways in the fire area…

For the first time this is visible from my door step about 120 miles Southwest of the incident… column is increasing in elevation and width


Fire was rolling today column capped out a few times in early afternoon.

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Woodbury fire woke up at around 1 pm today and is off to the races, looks like it is cooking off some nice acreage currently.


Now 40,557 acres and 15% contained. It was cranking along this afternoon.


65,000+ acres now, with 42% containment.
Red flag warning in effect until Saturday for high winds, low humidity, and lightning.
Roosevelt lake area had a mandatory evacuation ordered yesterday. Evacuation shelter in Miami.

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Hearing that the sike camp at Roosevelt Lake is being evacuated as of now.


96,307 acres, burnout operations along hwy 188.

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112,899 acres burned, 25% contained


This is a wrap transition will begin to a Type 3 Team

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