Back button

Is there a back button feature on this app? With my iPhone 10 I have no way of going a page back without clicking on the bars at the top left to bring me to the national scale.

Thanks in advance

I don’t have the app, I just use the the phone browser and it displays the page pretty good by itself, and has its own back button, but I don’t use a mobile device often, either.

My understanding is with the app…no back button on an IPhone…only a back button on an Android. I feel your pain as I have an IPhone too.

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This is a known issue with the app, and something that will be worked on in the winter when we aren’t dealing with fires.


Thanks for the update!

Agree with the need for the back button however, it is nice this site and app knows where you last left off reading. for a while I was getting mad I had to scroll through 147 posts until i realize i was starting at 130 from my last time.

This isn’t a cure all but it works a bit better for me until a true back button—- select your name in the upper right—setting wheel—account—interface—default view— I selected latest. So then when I hit the bars in the upper right it just takes me back to incidents in latest order.

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