Bill to Buy Back Seasonal Time?

A little info to start I was a year round seasonal employee for a total of 5 years. BLM in the winter and Forest Service in the summer. I have seen bills come and go on buying back seasonal time, the bills never pass. With this being said what can I do or who do I need to speak with to get this done! I have a few years left to retire and to add an extra 5 years would be outstanding. If someone could inform me of any current bills that address this issue!

There has been conversation about that however not likely. The FS has already abandoned the Wage Grade Employees(Fire Dozer Operators the folks that put X’s on the map). Mr. Rhodes announced that on the last call. OPM advised the FS WG is already classified correctly and FS said OK(we are used to weak people representing us and not being allowed to represent ourselves). Dispatchers may be good but time will tell to make it into the new series. Seasonal time was addressed in the Tim Hart Bill but, they’re in office and now focusing on other things.

If the question is who do you need to talk to to get this done, it’s Grassroots Wildlandfirefighters . Check out their info and learn how you can put work in to get what you deserve.

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