Recommendation for boots and stores that carry them in Northern California. Thank you.

How far north in NorCal?

Drews dude. Brown rough outs.

JK, full custom, get measured up at the shop in Redding.


At the end of the day they all suck. It’s what your feet are accustomed to. I would steer clear of danner, redwing and wesco. Like I said Drew’s has never done me wrong. The choice is yours.


White’s have always brought me stoke. I’m only familiar with stores in the Malibu area tho.


As a Stokelord myself I know there is nothing better than bringing some stoke to your feet. Your boots are are individualized. My stoke may not be your stoke. But together it can become our stoke.


Just curious, how much do a quality pair of boots cost these days?

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I’ve worn Wesco’s for 25 years. This year I bought a pair of Haix’s. Have to see how well they do.

If you’re in Santa Rosa go to Becks Shoes.

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Never go wrong with whites in my day. They didn’t cost the current $675.Crazy but worth the investment for your feet. I’m selling my last pair 1 year one and in good shape. $250

Great topic! I started in the mid 90’s with Red Wings (awful), switched to Westco’s (simply didn’t work well with my feet), switched to White’s for the next 14 years (amazing boots), then I purchased a pair of Haix’s in 2019. I can honestly say that Haix boots have been an absolute GAME CHANGER in boots (at least for me). No break-in period necessary & unbelievably comfortable. But, everyone has their comfort, costs, & preferences in their boot choice. Good luck!


My first pair of such things was in '69, Redwings. They were shot after one very light season. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable they were until my next season in '70, with my first pair of White’s. They have been my work/hiking/backpacking boots, in and out of the USFS, ever since. Beware: Hathorne look the same, but they aren’t. Go the taking-measurements-and-sending-them-to-Spokane route. Takes longer, but worth every minute of it. There really isn’t an break-in period, but it does take your feet a little time to get used to the unmatched arch support that they provide. They’re like having your feet wrapped in pillows. Granted, two - pound pillows, but pillows nonetheless.


Don’t skip buying high quality work boots. After 30+ years of firefighting I never once regretted paying top dollar. Because once your feet hurt hiking and working, it’s all over. Whites served me well after 1st fire season of Redwings. Had three custom pair of White’s Loggers rotated them each week. Rebuilt them each three times.


Kenetreks have been great, skip the break in period with other boots. Very comfortable and reliable so far.


Forgot to mention I bought a pair of Wesco’s once when I needed a second pair of loggerheels quick. Total waste of money.

White’s Smoke Jumpers, get measured for the custom fit. Wesco used to personalize shoes like White’s not sure if they still do. I’ve heard a lot about Nick’s, basically the same as Whites but some say better. The key is the custom measuring. I had two pairs of off the shelf White’s (from Plaza Shoe Shop in Arcata): when I got them re-built I measured my foot per their directions. What came back to me was a marvel: no insoles, no cushioning, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

Whites or Drews, but im old.


Shasta Boot company in Redding.
The owner, Brian is a great dude. Have had 3 pairs of Whites my entire career, accept my first season. Westcos didn’t make the second season. You can’t go wrong with the White Smokejumper.