CA-AEU-Sliger (Contained)


Placer County Sheriff posted on Twitter that evacuations are still in effect in the Todd Valley area and contingency plans are in place for the Placer County side should it cross the river.


XSA CAD is showing Metro’s Copter 2 on the Sliger


Reverse 911 call at 09:15 - mandatory evacs still in place for Placer.


Sounds like Command is up on CDF Command 2 today. I’m hearing them loud and clear in Red Bluff (so Pilot Pk probably).


XSA sending LG T3 out as we speak. 4154C

E316 SCR
E317 SAC
E343 SCR
E371 CSM
E374 CSM


Any update on the fire? Is it waking up? The metro S/T responded code 3



Due to an opening in the fire line for the #SligerFire, #EDSO is opening voluntary evacuations for the area of Sliger Mine Road north of Spanish Dry Diggens. A decision point is identified for mandatory evacuations in case the fire moves further up river


Nothing really showing on the bald mountain cam today.


Mostly boxed with retardant, but could not get all the way down to the river; rotorwing to support those sections.


As of 1130, open line on the East side of the fire. Right flank (Div X) looking real good with crews reinforcing the retardant line. Very few smokes showing on the right flank.

Left flank (East side) broke through control lines overnight and is flanking and backing in steep terrain. Helicopters are working the area along with hand crews.

Terrain is difficult, heard 2 dozers were stuck requiring a dozer to be assigned from the contingency on the Placer side to assist.

Contingency on the Placer side of the fire has 13 engines and 4 hand crews assigned.

Fire was sleepy with smoke obscuring the river low in the canyon. No fixed wing tankers on the fire due to terrain and visibility.


Things are looking much better today then they were yesterday afternoon – no visible column and no more ash-fall at my house on the north side of the divide a few miles away, haze is much lighter as well. Very little activity overhead, and little active radio traffic.


(~16:15 Sep. 5)
Please join @CAL_FIRE and @PlacerSheriff TONIGHT at 6 p.m. at Foresthill Memorial Hall for a #SligerFire community briefing.


Per community briefing in Foresthill at 18:00 Sep. 5, 2018:

  • Fire is 100% in EDC
  • Weather was normal for the season, but vegetation was well cured fuel bed.
  • Area resources were at reduced strength due to the North incident in Placer.
  • Early mandatory evacuations were a result of hard learned lessons on earlier fires.
  • Mutual aid and agency cooperation was crucial to success.

Currently at 107 acres, hose lay and dozer line around entire fire.

Awaiting boots-on-the-ground reports from hiking the perimeter to determine containment.

Fire started about 1/4mi from river on Sliger Mine Rd. and was never closer to the Placer side than the water’s edge.

Re-population of evacuated areas of Foresthill expected tonight.


As of ~21:15 Sep 5, 2018, per PCSO, evacuations on the Placer side have been downgraded to ‘advisory’ and repopulation has begun.


Reading the Nicc Sit Report this morning this fire did not make the large fire list. At one time a fire needed to be 300 acres, but noticed lately that some of them are just about 100 acres on the Sit Report. That being said is there another criteria for making the NICC sit report other than acres? What general public needs to know is; just because a fire dosent make the NICC sit report doesn’t mean it did not consume resources. As this forum shows this fire diverted air resources, used a great number of resources due to its potential and commited serious move up and cover assignments which depleted resources for other initial attack assignments.


Usually based on 209 100 Ac in timber and 300Ac in grass are 209 triggers


NEU all staff hold rescinded. Get some rest guys.


150 acres, 70% contained as of ~19:30 Sep. 7.


Acreage holding at 150, 90% contained as of ~07:00 Sep. 9.


Stick a fork in it – 100% as of ~0700 this morning.