CA-AEU-Sliger (Contained)


State ID:CA
3 letter designator:AEU
Fire name: Sliger
Location: Sliger Mine Rd. in El Dorado County (Across from Ruck-a-Chucky, off Foresthill Rd. was initial report)
Reported acres: 150 Acres on EDC side, 0 on Placer (initial potential assessment >1000ac)
Containment: 100% as of Sep. 10 morning.
Rate of spread: Forward progress halted (Initially RROS)
Report on Conditions: Minimal fire activity [Sep 6.] (Initial: Large, well defined column)
Structure threat:

  • (Immediate structure threat on Placer side will be areas closest to McKeon-Ponderosa Rd. when it comes across the river.) ([Lifted] Evacuation of Sliger Mine Rd. to Spanish Dry Diggins on order on El Dorado side.)
  • ([Lifted moring of Sep. 6]Reverse 911: Immediate Evacuations Ordered for McKeon-Ponderosa Rd., Moshiron Way. and Drivers Flat. 15:28 Sep 4)

Priorities: Keep fire on EDC side of river. Fire crossing river triggers VLAT.


  • Ground Resources: 35 Engines (mostly brush rigs), 4 dozers, 4 tenders, 14 crews. (13 engines & 4 crews assigned to Placer contingency group.)
  • Staging: Engines to Raley’s lot at Foresthill@Lincoln off I80; Some staged at Drivers Flat on Foresthill
  • Organization: Branch-III - Foresthill (Placer) side; Branch-I AEU in EDC.
  • Air-ops base: Camino
  • Air resources assigned to the fire: Air-Attack, 3 Rotor (Type II/I)
  • Air resources ordered/available: 2 Heavy Tankers, 5 S2, (2 VLAT orders trigger if fire crosses river)

Weather: 94F 20%RH WSW6 IC73 SC42 BI129 (16:50 Sept. 5)
Radio channels: CDF-Tac5 Cmd2-Tone5 Air-to-Ground-3
Scanner link:
Webcam link: Bald Mountain @
Agency Website:


Sliger Incident

If it spots across to the placer side it will be high up on the placer side.
Staging at Raley’s Parking lot at Foresthill Rd. & Lincoln Way.

Sliger Mine Rd. area and points east recommended for evacuations.

Air attack 230 on scene.
Closest to Mckeon-Ponderosa will be immediate structure threat when it crosses the river.

38.57.43 120.55.68
2 Heavy Tankers, +1 S2, +3 Rotor (Type II/I)

EDSO should evacuate Sliger Mine to Spanish Dry Diggings.

Air Attack / Ops had confusion over incident name, renamed Sliger on AEU


Believe this will be called the “Sliger” incident

Better location 38.9467847,-120.922917

40-50 Acres, “potential 1000”, Rapid rate spread


Showing on the Bald Mountain Cam



I thought that was the North fire


Per air attack, they should be able to handle with aircraft ordered…25 acres


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Engines now responding Code-3 direct to incident to Sliger Rd. and Hilda. Rd.


Requesting a dozer and two crews respond Code-3 to McKeon-Ponderosa Rd.
All 6 Type-3s from initial order to respond to McKeon-Ponderosa.


Good sized header showing from Placerville.


Sliger AA wants them out of there but here is a live video


The airshow is getting busy in the canyon, they are taking additional precautions for separation due to sun angle.

Tankers 10, 100, 747, 82, 88 currently working fire.

~65 acres on EDC side currently, has not established on FH side yet. Priority is to prevent it getting established on FH side.

Denied plan to pre-treat FH side with retardant for now.
Fire crossing river triggers 2 VLAT orders.


75 acres 20% contained updated approx 30 min ago


Report of drone launch near Foresthill Bridge, two unoccupied vehicles found in vicinity, investigating further.
Area checked. Per witnesses, subject left prior to arrival.


It sounds like the air show is over for today.
It appears an IR flight is scheduled for the North incident (per NIFC dirs), and would speculate that they will give the Sliger an overflight in the process since they’re in the vicinity.


Call just went out for mandatory hold all personnel on duty in the unit (NEU).


Per @CALFIREAEU ~21:30:
“Evacuations in El Dorado County from the #SligerFire have been lifted. Crews will continue strengthening containment lines through the night.”


How did they do last night, Fire was pretty deep in the Canyon. Just heard StrikeTeam 9271 C Dispatched


Reporting 30% containment, 80 acres as of this morning about 07:30.

No IR product is showing up for the Sliger, but they may have flown it last night at the same time as the North – I couldn’t catch any radio traffic for the IR mission unfortunately.

Air Attack 230 just arrived on the incident. (08:30 Sep. 5)

TFR request: 38d57.58 120d55.79 7NM to 8000’

2 Rotorcraft (747 &??) assigned for today, order for Type 1 out of Chico could not be filled.

Strategy is to keep it on the finger, Div. Alpha has things tied in all the way to the river.

Air Attack ordering 2 Type 2 multi-engine tankers.

Asking for about 8 loads of retardant to pick up a portion of the flank that burned around, but sounds good overall.