CA AirTactics 169.200

Hear traffic from aircraft at 8000-9000 ft. on 169.200
Not sure which fire… thought Tamarack but, no AA freq. is on the Comm Plan.
Thought maybe the ENF fire?? There will be no comm plan to see on that incident.

AA ordered 1 VLAT and 5 LATs.

Fresno is my base so out 100-150 miles listening.

Just encase someone runs across this freq.


STF-Henry A/G
CND-Peak Air Tactics


With an order like that… probably the Peak and given Piute Pk is 8k.
Looks like the smoke has diminished on main body.

Now I see another header to the east on Bealville2 cam. Looks like in Weaver creek or
Landers creek. Cast over Spot??

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