CA-ANF-Fork ??


Hearing scatchy traffic on a working fire Hwy 39 at mile marker 26 … aircraft and addition copters requested, some traffic regarding evacs north of Hwy 39 …


AA and 2 tankers enroute, ANF requesting 2nd alarm


Hearing reports of a new fire both side of HWY 39. Any info?


This is the Fork Incident. Not much more info yet. ANF Units: BC-21 DIV-2 DOZ-10 ED-18 ENG-10 ENG-20 ENG-23 ENG-311 ENG-324 ENG-327 ENG-34 K-ED-14 PAT-21 PAT-25 WT-11 WT-237


Reported as 50 acres on both side of HWY 39. The fire is showing heat on satellite.