State ID:CA
3 letter designator:ANF
Fire name:Fork
Location: Hwy 39, mile marker 26
Reported acres:50
Rate of spread:rapid
Report on Conditions: “large potential”
Structure threat:
Resources: 6 air tankers, 2nd alarm
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


AA just added 4 more air tankers for a total of 6


This fire started in the OHV area on East Fork Rd. The fire is on both sides of HWY 39. Currently working on evens in the OHV area. It already has a good heat signature on Infrared Satellite.

LAC sending mutual aid: LACoFD sending 3 Crews (8-2, 13-2, 19-6), 1 Engine (E97), 1 Patrol (P97), 1 Superintendent (SU42), and 2 Battalion Chiefs (BC16 BC44).

AA requesting 6 LAT’s and 1 VLAT.


3 type 3 ST closest resources and 3 G ST’s requested …


100 plus acres, The fire is currently “Capping out”.


From upland


General area:



300 acres, additional Aircraft and Strike Teams on order.

Resource Order:
1 Dozer Strike Team from LACOFD

10 additional Hand Crews

3 additional Charlie Strike Teams


T70 and T71 off Ramona enroute to the Fork


10 type 1 or 2 crews. What ever is closest.


fire is starting to move into view of Mnt Wilson cam


T911 enroute. As well as T105


Fire creeping into frame on the Mt. Wilson Cam, Far right.


Looks like tanker 10, 40 and 107 coming from Northern CA. All three in line heading south presently over Northern Fresno area


Hearing Tankers 118, 12 enroute 20 minute ETE. Both over Porterville area.


Broadcastify ANF net:


911 arriving on the fire IP


IC states fire is 60-70 acres and holding on the left flank in retardant. Fire activity has slowed significantly


No crews available in California…
Big yellow McLeods


IC just advised that no fill on his 10 crew request. No crews in the state. Closest available are on 24 hour request