Tanker 73 returned to Hemet.
AA is reporting a new fire south of the current fire

Broken out from the North Fire thread, New Fire called the West.
Highway 39 and San Gabriel Dam


New Fire 1/2 acre in heavy fuels.
34 15.25 117 51.39
ANF responding a full first alarm to the fire.
AA is going to maintain both incidents, Tanker 72 on load and return, plus 2 more air tankers ordered.
Ordering 1 additional Type 1 helicopter.


Showing good on Mt Wilson cam


The new fire will be called West, near San Gabriel Dam.


Div 2 ordered 2 additional crews from LAC


Copter 305 in place of the type 1 order, due to an extended ETA


AA canceling the 3rd tanker, and putting the 2 tankers on a load and hold at Hemet.


2 acres, forward rate of spread stopped.

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