State ID: CA
3 letter designator: BDF
Fire name: HILLSIDE
Location: Hwy 18 x Old Waterman Canyon
Reported acres: 3 acres
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: Making a run into the North end of San Bernardino. BDC in Unified Command with BDF
Structure threat: Immediate Structure Threat
Weather: Santa Ana Winds

Radio channels: Structure Defense on NIFC TAC 2 and VFIRE23

Webcam link:
Agency Website:


ICP @ 40th Street and Waterman - Total of 4 Strike Teams started (prepositioned at Camp 6)


200 acres Rapid rate of spread with immediate evacuations of north San Bernardino
Evacuation Center at Pacific High School coordinates by SBPD

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5 additional closet Type 1s and BC for overhead

And 2 Type 1 Strike Teams

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Looks like the 1980 Panorama Fire and 2003 Old Fire.


Losing homes. Viento x Lugo. and Lupine x Saturn.


live coverage
and San Bernardino County Fire on


Live coverage on KABC as well:


I believe the Box Springs East 1 is looking at the RRU-46 Fire.


USFS Night AA-51 (N40Y) based @ Fox AAB was flying over this fire.

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AA ?? (N108SA) on scene from Fox AAB.

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AA 52 (N108SA)

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Any update on containment?


Per Inciweb 53 mins ago:

200 Acres
50% contained

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