400 acres, 0%


Night Air Attack is attempting to order H-531 for night water dropping.


1000 acres, 0% contained


0920- View from I-10 in Beaumont


Thunderstorm over the fire area, grounding air ops for the time being, due to hail, lightning and strong wings.
The storm has slowed the fire down presently.


Pulling crews off the lines back to the pavement, due to the thunderstorm activity and the heavy precipitation.


Mudflow, 3-4 feet deep, 40 feet wide across Valley of the Falls, making the road unpassable.


Mother nature putting out the fire…managing the land.


Hearing report that the fire still burning anybody have eyes on it ?


Still some smoke showing on the webcam.


As of this Morning: 1,348 acres and 13% contained.


Tracking cells that are building over the fire area.


Well, slowing, taking the heat out. But not putting out. Probably made control lines and mop up a nightmare.


No real moisture out of those but today has potential for build up again…will have to wait and see.


Valley Fire turned over to local type 3 team at 0600 this morning.