State ID: CA
3 letter designator: BDF
Fire name: Valley
Location: Valley of The Falls, state route 38
Reported acres: 1, was 1/4 acre upon arrival.
Rate of spread: Rapid
Report on Conditions: BDC Patrol 98 on scene with report. rapid, pushing towards Forest Falls.
Structure threat: not yet
Radio channels: Forest net
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


10 acres, making hard run, doubling aircraft order.


SBSO helicopter is on scene.
AA is coming from LPF


IC just ordered 15 engines, preferably type 3’s
6 handcrews


cherry valley view


40 acres, still Rapid Rate of spread


SQF H-522 TO THE valley


H-523* from Kernville, 522 is up north.


100 plus acres…Forest Falls shelter in place…Notification Only on EVACS


Mandatory evacuation for all of forest falls


XBO 6210A and 6230A enroute to the incident. Notification sent out from CommCenter that the OA is on draw down.

6220A also added.




No divert on 2 type 1 tankers for life safety.


Approximate location of #ValleyFire and all fires in Cali right now [] - map should automatically update from CalFire feed.


SoCAL Team 2 being activated to the incident.


Valley IC requesting 4 additional Air Tankers for a total of 8. Keeping the No Divert on 2 for life threat.


View from Hemet Ryan Air Base


Spot weather forecast for the incident


200 acres per BDF


250 acres now