New fire in BDU in the 395 and Taboose Creek area in Aberdeen. MVU just sent 2 ST’s immediate need to the fire

ST9338G- La Cima 1 and 3
ST9330C-B3311 3395, 3371, 3397, 3385 and 3357

Anybody have any info? This might be the fire but not familiar with the area

ALERTWildfire | Sierra-Foothills

That definitely is not this fire, no timber like that on the Eastside of the Sierra in that area. This is an escaped VMP burn.


50 acres, mod spread. Smoke impacting H395


This might be it…

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That time of year again!

Aberdeen Station Rd x Hwy 395, south of Big Pine
SRA, San Bernardino Unit
Start time: 1320

50 acres, grass and brush, 0% contained, MROS, Threat to Black Rock Fish Hatchery

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AA120, T73, T85, C301 from Hemet assigned…
T91, T100 assigned from Ramona…