weird just shows black on the last 15 on time lapse on my end. of course chilcoot is also showing black.

It hasnt flipped over into night mode.


The fire is definitely crawling up East Shore.


It’s just smoked out, you can see a couple dim flame flashes in the 15min.

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Thank you!!!

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This morning’s IR flight is quite interesting on the North Arm side of Indian Valley, as it pertains to spot fires. There is active heat pickup out to Lone Rock, 3.5 miles east of the shown head. Not out of the question with the strong west winds yesterday?

Seems to be moving through that thin, new growth on the Moonlight Scar with a vengeance. Will be interesting to see if it can get over North Arm given the spots that are showing up on the map.

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So Dixie has surpassed bootleg in size. Just mind blowing the amount of acreage burned is hard to understand…and the lives affected…words fail.


I wonder if wildfires were measured in biomass or board feet consumed where Dixie would rank for California. This is no grass or chaparral fire, so much mixed conifer forest.


Dixie Fire incident information is available at the FTP NIFC site: Index of /public/incident_specific_data/calif_n/!CALFIRE/!2021_Incidents/CA-BTU-009205_Dixie. Just negotiate to the info that you want.

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The fire didn’t make huge runs overnight, but yesterday’s weather pushed the fire all over the map. Updated IR imagery and analysis here:


Anyone know why NFIC pulled the tiffs off the FTP site? Those were a pretty awesome resource for tracking the fire.

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Now that it’s bigger then the bootleg I’m sure it will go out magically!!!. That’s how it works right?


I think a lot of the new growth in the area it was burning, based off last nights IR, are trees planted as SPI plantations. The Moonlight in general is really variable in terms of standing veg - dense ceanothus in some areas, sparse pine plantations in others, and even pockets of remaining green forest from 2007. If it gets established in the moonlight area it could really take off with the W/NW winds.


Firing op around Prattville last night saved all structures. Dicey to say the least but Division Mike and resources jumped on the opportunity and made the plan work.


I keep reading the Dixie is the largest single fire in CA history. Isn’t Dixie technically a complex because it merged with the Fly fire?

Gotta be number 1 by a mile.

They deemed the Fly a spot a few days back I thought… that would make it a single fire not a complex.

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Apologies if it’s already been posted, but I couldn’t find it in the 1200+ posts.

Has a damage assessment map been posted or made available yet?


PGE told the state that the fly may have been caused by another tree hitting another powerline. I had the same thought that it should technically have made it a complex. Although I don’t know off hand how many acres the fly actually was and either way the Dixie will end up the number one biggest fire in California state history with or without the fly acreage.