State ID:CA
3 letter designator:BTU
Fire name: GULCH
Location: No. Of Oroville
Reported acres: ?
Rate of spread: slow ROS
Report on Conditions: pwr lines down,difficult acces
Structure threat:
Resources:Replace the type II Engs with type III, 3 WTs, 1 dozer, 1 coptor, PG&E.
Radio channels:
Scanner link:
Webcam link:
Agency Website:


in post: Update @ 5 pm, Still estimated at 2-3 acres. Very steep terrain, Minimal road access. Crews working to get hose laid around the fire, and cutting containment lines

Update @ 5:19 pm, Gulch IC reports fire contained, acreage update soon, starting to release units.

Update @ 5:28 pm, GulchIC reports final acreage just over 3 acres. Copter 205 has been released.